Women With Herpes It's Not The End Of The World Get Your Life Back Now!

To all the women with herpes suffering in silence I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way.

I'm going to tell you my genital herpes story and how I got my life back.

This genital herpes story began when I received an email from the Herpecillin company asking me if I had a success story that I'd like the share with some of the other women with herpes who might find it interesting.

So let me start from the beginning because I'm pretty sure there are other women out there who may be in the same situation I was in.

My herpes horror story began when I thought I met the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

He was good looking he was thoughtful, funny, loving, caring and he was easy to talk to as well as being great in bed.

Now we were together for about six months and everything was going great. You know what I'm talking about ladies.

We couldn't wait to see each other after work and during the day we were in constant contact we each other and our sex life was great.

Then we went out one night and at the end of this beautiful romantic evening he told me that he loved me and he wanted me to move in with him. I can still remember my eyes tearing up and throwing my arms around him and telling him that I loved him to and Yes I would love to move in with him.

I was in heaven I thought I finally found my Mr. Wright. The last thing on my mind was the thought of being infected by him with the genital herpes virus like so many other women with herpes have by their so called Mr. Wright.

I can remember that first night that we moved in together. I felt like a married couple I cooked him a nice romantic meal and afterwards we watched a movie together with him holding me in his arms.

It wasn't long before we were making out and I loved hearing him tell me how much he loved me and how much he loved touching my body.

Well the next thing I knew we were in the bedroom. Now we've made love to each other plenty of times, but this time was different.

Prior to moving in with each other we always practiced safe sex and again the furthest thing on my mind was contracting the genital herpes virus from him.

That night he asked me if it would be OK if he didn't wear a condom. He told me he wanted me to finally feel him cum inside me.

This should be a red flag for all women if you're not 100% sure your Mr. Wright is STD free I guarantee you all the women with herpes wished they thought this question over a little more before sleeping with their so called Mr. Wright.

But I loved this man. I thought he was my Mr. Wright, I thought we were going to be married and have children in the future together and to tell you the truth I wanted to feel his warm hot cum inside my vagina.

So for the first time we had sex without any protection. Now he was a great lover, but that night he left no stone unturned.

He kicked things up to a whole other level. He was very verbal that night asking me things like if I loved his cock as he rubbed it all over my face.

To tell you the truth I've never been that wet and horny in my life and I told him Yes I love your cock as he rubbed it all over my face.

Now you may be thinking that I'm writing some sort of erotic story here. I'm not and if all you women with herpes just continue to read you'll see where everything comes together in this genital herpes story.

Next thing I know, all I could think about was his cock and having it in my mouth and wet vagina.

Well Mr. Wright didn't let me down. As I felt his naked penis enter my vagina for the first time, he was telling me how much he loved me and he was asking me if he could have all of me.

Like I said before I've never felt so loved and so horny at the same time. So I told my Mr. Wright Yes I want you to have all of me.

I remember him pulling his penis out of me and sliding down my body until I felt his mouth on my soaking wet vagina.

Now this is the first time he's done this to me because we always practiced safe sex prior to this night.  

Now he had me where he wanted me. I mean he had me cumming and cumming and if he asked me if he could set my head on fire at that moment I would have probably said yes.

Now while I'm spilling all my vaginal juices all over his face I can feel his finger going in and out of my anus which made me cum even harder

Now I was always afraid of engaging in anal sex. I just imagined it as being real painful, but not with Mr. Wright not with him making me hornier by telling me how much he loved me and how much he wanted me.

The next thing I know I was at the edge of the bed and I could feel the head of his penis entering my rectum and it didn't hurt the way I thought it would.

It was one of those pains you actually enjoy and before long I had his whole penis inside my rectum as he rubbed my clitoris and told me how much he loved me.

I've never cum that hard in my life, until he waited to just before I was going to cum again and he took his penis out of my rectum and he put deep inside my vagina.

I think I blacked out I came so hard.

I remember waking up in his arms and feeling like I was the luckiest girl in the world.

I had no idea I just became like so many other women with herpes who suffer in silence.

 I thought that was my best night I've ever had sexually in my life.  I didn't know it was also the worst night sexually I've ever had in my life.

It was the weekend so I figured I'd let him sleep in. Mr. Wright was going to have breakfast in bed for the night he gave me that evening.

I jumped in the shower and a minute later Mr. Wright comes in and asks me if he can join me.

Are you kidding me? I pulled him right in with me and Mr. Wright was ready for round two, only this time I wanted to take the lead.

So I soaped his penis up and I started to jack him off and as I got his penis nice and hard I asked him if he wanted to cum in my mouth.

Well his penis got even bigger and harder and now he was  pushing my head down toward his penis.

Once I got the soap off his penis it was my turn to repay him for the night he gave me the evening before.

Now just before I put his penis in my mouth I could see some sort of rash on his shaft, so I stopped and looked up and asked him what it was.

He told me that because he shaves down there that they were ingrown hairs and that it was no big deal.

That was a good enough answer for me and I didn't think I would end up with an STD like so many other women with herpes have. So I gave Mr. Wright the very best blow job he's ever had in his life. Hell I even let cum on my face and that is something I've never ever done in my life.

Everything was great and I was in heaven with the best man in the world.

Little did I know Mr. Wright was actually the biggest creep in the world and I was going to suffer from the genital herpes virus just like so many other women with herpes have.

Now although everything was going great between us a few weeks later I had a pink lump developing on my lip and a couple days later I woke up with these blisters on my lip.

That's right ladies it was herpes and those so called ingrown hairs on his penis were also genital herpes, but I didn't know it yet.

Now I've had a cold sore or two growing up, so not thinking anything of it I went to the pharmacy and I got some topical cream for cold sores.

The next thing I knew my vagina was irritated and my anus had this constant itch.

Now I thought it was the laundry detergent Mr. Wright had at his place before I moved in so I bought the brand I was use to using and I re-washed everything including our sheets and pillow cases.

Well guess what?

A few days later I woke up to the same blisters that I had on my lip, only now they were on my other lips and they covered my whole anus.

Now I was scared, I mean really scared so I made an appointment with my doctor that day.

When my doctor saw me. The first thing she said was that doesn't look good, meaning the sore I had on my lip.

Once she lifted my gown to see what was going on down there, it didn't take her but a minute to tell me I have genital herpes.

I broke down crying and asked her don't you have to do a blood test or something else to be sure?

She told me that she's diagnosed many women with herpes but she also wanted to give me a blood test to make sure I wasn't infected with anything else.   

I was devastated and I was angry.

When I got home I went online and I began to look up symptoms of genital herpes, treatments for Genital herpes, natural cures for genital herpes and women with herpes I wanted all the information about genital herpes I could find.

Then I took all that information and I went into my bathroom with a mirror got undressed and began to find any reason to say my doctor was wrong and I wasn't like the other women with herpes.

I started with my lip and I read the symptoms for HSV-1 pain and tenderness to the area prior to the development of HSV-1 blisters. Within a few days HSV-1 blisters will begin to burst turning them into HSV-1 ulcers.

I couldn't find anything to deny I didn't a HSV-1 outbreak on my lip.

So I went back to my information.

It said many women with herpes with suffer from flu like symptoms such as fever and the feeling of being tired and fatigued.

Sure enough a few days prior to my genital herpes outbreak I did suffer from those Genital HSV symptoms.

Then I began to inspect my vagina to see if I was suffering from the same HSV symptoms most women with herpes suffer from.

So I sat on the edge of the toilet with my mirror in my hand and I began to inspect myself to see if I really have vaginal herpes.

The information on genital herpes  said  most women with herpes experience an irritating and itchy feeling in the area where the genital herpes outbreak is going to occur.

Sure enough that explained the itchy feeling I thought was caused by his laundry detergent.

Now I keep things pretty neat and trimmed down there so it was pretty easy for me to get a good look as to what was going on down there, especially sitting on the edge of the toilet with a mirror to help me see those hard to get to areas.

The only thing I was missing was a magnifying glass and a miners helmet with one of those little lights on it. LOL!!!

Anyway I remembered getting those blisters and they looked exactly like the genital herpes blisters I found online the very same ones women with herpes get.

What I was looking at now were the open sores on the exterior of my labia, again they looked exactly like the genital herpes ulcers women with herpes get that I found online.

Now as I inspected my vagina on the inside I could see that I had these same genital herpes ulcers most women with herpes get.

Then I noticed a milky discharge, so I went back to my herpes information and sure enough there it was women with herpes may also experience an unusual discharge accompanied by a foul odor.

Now I couldn't bend my head low enough to smell my own vagina, so I put some of this milky discharge between my fingers and rubbed it together  and put it up to my nose and Yes it certainly had a foul smell.

The same vaginal odor many women with herpes get when they have an internal genital herpes outbreak.

Now for the hard part, it was time for me to inspect my anus which was pretty hard to do considering I had to do everything backwards while looking over my shoulder.

Once again it looked like genital herpes, so I went back to my herpes information and sure enough it said women with herpes who engage in anal sex will often have genital herpes outbreaks on or around their anus.


That first night I moved in with Mr. Wrong  the night I thought I had the best sex of my life.

He was actually going out of his way to do his best to make sure he infected me with the genital herpes virus.

Remember how I said he rubbed his penis all over my face? Remember when he said he didn't want to wear a condom because he wanted to cum inside my vagina? Remember when he asked me if he could have all of me and then had anal sex with me? Remember when I said he took things to a whole other level sexually with me that night?


Mr. Wrong knew he was having a genital herpes outbreak yet he put his herpes infected penis in every hole that I have. The only holes he didn't put that dirty infected penis in were my ears and I'm pretty sure if women with herpes could have an outbreak on their ears he would have put his penis there too.

Now I wasn't just hurt I was angry and Mr. Wrong had some explaining to do.

So when Mr. Wrong came home from work I was wearing a robe so I asked him to come into the bedroom with me. He probably thought he was getting lucky.

So I lied down on the bed opened my robe and spread my legs and asked him what he thought this was on my vagina and anus.

He looked at me and said it looks like you're having a herpes outbreak.


He told me how much he loved me and he asked me if he did tell me he had genital herpes would I have continued to have sex with him?

I told him I didn't know.

He told me at least we have it out in the open and out of the way. He then asked me what's for dinner?

I then said are you kidding me? What's for dinner!

I asked him what kind of person he was?

He told me he was sorry for what he said and that he's had genital herpes for years and that it wasn't going to kill me or anything and that I'd learn to live with it.

He told me we're stuck with each other and how much he loved me, so what was the big deal? That it was just something two loving people would have to deal with if they truly loved each other.

He said besides how many men are going to love you as much as I do if you tell them you have genital herpes?

To them you'd be just another women with herpes that they wanted nothing to do with is what he told me.


I felt all alone and by myself. I felt like damaged goods.

All I could do was hope he wasn't lying to me again and in the beginning things were pretty good.

He told me there was a herpes epidemic happening in the United States and that one in four women suffer from the genital herpes virus and that one out of nine men have it.

He told me I was bound to get it and at least I got it from someone who really loves me and that I should feel good about myself because I wasn't going to end up all alone like most of the women with herpes.

But that all changed in the next few months. He went from I love you and would I like to go out for dinner to where's my food pretty quickly.

No longer was he treating me like his princess and making passionate love to me.

Now he was telling me I had to do something about my weight and that because he started working the early shift that I had to start fucking him earlier in the evening if I wanted any cock.

A big difference from the man I met and every time I would ask what happened to the man I fell in love with the one who told me that he loved me the man that use to tell how beautiful I was?

All he would ever say was good luck finding another guy who wants to be with a woman who suffers from genital herpes outbreaks on her mouth, ass and pussy.

He became a real dick or should I say a real infected dick.

I may not have been alone like most of the women with herpes, but I certainly felt alone.

It got to the point that the only time I could have an orgasm with him was if I thought about being with another man another a man who truly loved me for who I was.

The other problem in my life was all these damn genital herpes outbreaks I was having.

Most of the women with herpes I read about didn't have this many outbreaks.

It seemed as if I was always having a herpes outbreak.

I mean when one genital herpes outbreak was healing on my vagina, by the time it healed it seemed like I was having another genital herpes outbreak on my anus and when that would begin to heal I would get the dreaded HSV-1 outbreak on my lip.

Now those were the worst because those herpes outbreaks were in a place people could see them and believe me they all saw it because when someone at my office would speak to me I could feel their eyes practically touching my outbreak.

Now I use to consider myself a good looking woman who liked to keep in shape, but little by little Mr. Wrong got to me.

I lost my self esteem I no longer went to the gym like I used to 4 days a week, after all who did I have to impress?

Some nasty guy who lied to me, a man who gave me the genital herpes virus because he knew most women wouldn't have anything to do with him because of his lousy attitude and because of his genital herpes outbreaks.

I'll admit it I let myself go. I let him and the genital herpes virus get the best of me.

I was no different than most of the women with herpes, I had a low self esteem for myself and I felt all alone.

Then one day on my lunch break I went to a coffee shop and while I was on line I saw a woman I recognized.

It was Mr. Wrong's previous girlfriend before me. Now I've never met her before, but I've seen pictures of her in his family's photo album.

Now I didn't want to approach her, but something inside me told me I should speak with her.

So I walked up to where she was sitting and I asked her if her name was Kathy and she smiled and said yes.

When I told her that I was Mr. Wrongs girlfriend her smile immediately left her face.

She asked me what she could do for me?

I told her I had to ask her a question I didn't feel comfortable asking her.

She looked at me and with her finger she motioned me closer and asked me if he gave me genital herpes too?

I immediately asked if I could sit down and the smile came back to her face and she said please do.

Both of us seemed so relieved to finally be able to talk to another person who could understand what we were going through.

No longer were we like the other women with herpes who had to deal with the HSV alone.

I don't know how long we spoke to each other, all I know is we both called our offices to say we wouldn't be back that day.

Kathy was very nice and she told me all that she could. We even laughed at each other when we compared notes.

It turns out the best night I had sex with Mr. Wrong was a re-run of the best night Kathy had sex with Mr. Wrong. Right down to the things he did and the things he said.

Who knows how many women with herpes there are all because Mr. Wrong pulled this crap on them as well.

My one big question to Kathy was how did she finally get away from him and why does she seem so happy, even though Mr. Wrong gave her the incurable genital herpes virus.

And then she told me she stumbled on a product online called Herpecillin and she ordered it.

She told me they even gave her a FREE 30 DAY SUPPLY and she began to take it and within no time she stopped having genital herpes outbreaks.

Before I left Kathy, we both exchanged our numbers and I remember her telling me that if I would just try Herpecillin for one month that I would no longer feel like the other women with herpes.

She made me feel good about myself again and when I got home I went to the Herpecillin website and I ordered their product and just like she said I got a FREE 30 DAY SUPPLY OF HERPECILLIN WITH MY ORDER.

When it arrived at my door I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. I mean I tore up that box to get to the instructions.

What I also liked was the discreet labeling, after all why should Mr. Wrong benefit from something I was doing to get rid of the genital herpes virus he gave me.

Anyway the last genital herpes outbreak I had was on my vagina and I was having that outbreak when my Herpecillin order arrived.

I'm glad to say I haven't had another genital herpes outbreak ever since.

In my opinion Herpecillin is the best all natural herpes cure on the market today. It is truly the best herpes breakthrough to come along in decades.

Now on to how I got rid of Mr. Wrong.

Now it may sound stupid to you how I did it, but I did and I've been happier ever since.

Now I knew when Mr. Wrong wanted to have sex with me or should I say when he wanted to fuck me.

On those nights I would put cottage cheese on a sanitary napkin and I would place it inside my panties and when he would make his move I would have him take my panties off.

It was hard for me not to laugh when I would tell him I wanted him to go down on me before we fucked as he liked to call it.

He would immediately make this face and say he changed his mind and that it was late and he was tired.

Now this went on for months until I was sure Herpecillin was really as good as it said it was.

Then me and Mr. Wrong were at his brother's wedding and while we were at the main table and during the toast Mr. Wrong asked me why I couldn't like some of the other women at the wedding?

I don't know what happened , but something snapped inside of me and when the best man was done with his toast to the bride and groom.

I stood up banging my fork against my champagne glass saying I wanted to make a toast.

I wished the new bride a happy life and told her I hoped her new husband was nothing like his brother because he was a miserable piece of shit who lied to me all the time and that he gave me the genital herpes virus and that I hope she doesn't find herself in the same position I was in.

I then threw my glass of champagne in Mr. Wrongs face and I apologized to the bride and groom for ruining their wedding and as I walked out of the wedding reception I was giving Mr. Wrong the middle finger.

Now today I feel stupid for doing something so childish and immature at someone's wedding, but on that day I felt free I felt alive again.

I never went back to our place, not even to pick up any of my things.

On that day I started a new life. The life I have today, a happy life.

Now when I called Kathy to tell her what I did, we laughed our asses off and we're best of friends to this day.

Since all of this happened I met a real man who loves me. I've told him everything and we're married and we're expecting our first child.

I wrote this story to let all the other women with herpes know that you can get your life back and you should never give into the genital herpes virus.

You don't have to feel like you're all alone like so many other women with herpes do. There are herpes support groups, herpes forums and herpes blogs where you can find answers to many of your question as well interact with other women who are also suffering from the genital herpes virus.

You don't have to put up with a man like Mr. Wrong.

I guess you can say I owe my new life to Kathy and the people at Herpecillin.

I far as I'm concerned there is a cure for women with herpes and my herpes cure is Herpecillin.

Now if you can't find a person like Kathy, you can still go to Herpecillin and stop your genital herpes outbreaks once and for all just like so many other women with herpes have.

So ladies what I want you to do right now is put a smile on your face pull your shoulders back push your boobs out and shake that booty of yours, because it's time you got your swagger back.

Now there are plenty of women with herpes who have gotten their life back. I want today to be the day you got your life back too!

Anyway I hope you found my herpes success story interesting.




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