Sex And Herpes How Can I Stop My Genital HSV Outbreaks And Get My Sex Life Back

Sex and herpes sounds a lot like mixing oil and water together for many of the people suffering from the genital herpes virus.

For many they truly believe the these words simply don't mix.

I'm here to tell you that you're wrong and I'm here to tell you that you can have sex with herpes and it can be just as exciting, passionate and pleasurable as it was before you suffered your first genital herpes outbreak.

As a matter of fact genital herpes sex could well be the most exciting sex you've ever had in your life. Simply because you and your partner are going to have to get more creative when it comes to satisfying each other's sexual needs.

Now I'll get into how sex with herpes can be more exciting a little further down the page, but right now I want to go over one of the toughest topics most people with genital herpes face when it comes to dating with herpes.

This chapter is about whether or not to have that conversation about sex and herpes with your potentially new sexual partner.

Let's face it the genital herpes virus can be pretty scary and most people try to keep the fact that they have HSV to themselves due to the stigma that unfortunately comes along with the genital herpes virus.

Look! Most people with the genital herpes virus don't even talk to their best friends or family members about the fact that they suffer from the genital herpes outbreaks and these are people they've known for a long time or their whole life.

And if you're dating with herpes you know sooner or later that you'll be faced with whether or not you're going to have that conversation about sex and herpes with that new special someone in your life.

As I wrote earlier most people with herpes don't even talk to their best friends or family about having genital herpes outbreaks.

Now you're being faced with having to talk about sex and herpes with someone you don't know nearly as well as your best friend or family members.

Sex and herpes can be pretty scary I know!

But let me tell you a way that you may want to go about it, which might make it a little easier for you before you have that conversation with that new special someone in your life when it comes to talking sex and herpes.

First! Take it slow.

Remember when you were younger and sex was brand new because you've never done it before?

Ladies can you remember the first time a young man placed his hand on your breast over your blouse and you could feel your nipples get hard as they tingled or the first time he placed his hand on you vagina over your pants and you could feel how wet you were getting down there?

And men can you remember the first time a young lady rubbed your penis through your jeans and how quickly your penis got stiff and hard?

Those were pretty hot and exciting times, weren't they?

Of course they were.

Back then you took your time. You met someone you liked. You got to know them through talking to each other. You went out on dates and had fun together. Then you had that first kiss and make out session. Then as things progressed and as you felt more comfortable with each other you found yourselves caressing and grinding your bodies up against each other and then the clothes came off and you finally made love or had sex with each other.

And it was great!  

Do you know why it was so great? It was so great and so exciting because you built up an anticipation for what was about to happen sexually between the two of you.

That's why it was so great and so exciting!

So why not go back to that?

Why not go back to taking it slow and really get to know that new special someone in your life before you think about having that conversation about sex and herpes.

And if you're not sure or if you don't have any ideas as to how to have that conversation about sex and herpes.

Here's one you can use if you want.

I received an email from a young lady who just began dating with herpes for the first time and she really put some thought into her game plan as to how she was going tell that new special someone in her life that she was infected with the genital herpes virus.

The first thing she did was take it slow as she got to know her new special friend. They when out on dates and they began to have fun spending time with each other.

Soon they were holding hands when they went out and then there was that first kiss and make out session she remembered as a young lady.

A few weeks down the road those make out sessions turned into her letting him caress her naked breasts under her blouse and allowing him to rub her vagina through her jeans as she rubbed his penis through his jeans.

Of course he wanted to tear her clothes off and take it to the next level.

But she said no that she wasn't ready for that yet, but promised the wait would be worth his while.

What did she do?

She created anticipation in his mind!

Now she went on to part two of her plan, which was when they were out to dinner one night she asked him if he could help answer a question from a man's perspective that she couldn't answer for her friend.

Of course he said yes and she told her boyfriend that a girlfriend at work confided in her and asked her how she should tell a guy she's been dating that she has herpes.

But before he could answer, she told him that she was very nice and that she said that she hadn't had a genital herpes breakout in almost a year since she started to take medication for her outbreaks and she wanted to tell him because she got the genital herpes virus from her previous boyfriend who never told her about it.

She then said that she told her girlfriend that if he's as nice and understanding as she said he was that she should tell him and that he would probably understand.

Her girlfriend then asked her to ask her boyfriend so she can hear an answer from a man's point of view.

Pretty clever right?

She figured that if he told her that he wouldn't have anything to do with the girl because of her genital herpes problem. That she would figure out how to break things off a little further down the road before things got too serious.

She also thought that because the genital herpes virus is so wide spread that if he had it that maybe he would come clean and tell her after hearing how understanding she was about her friends problem.

But she didn't get either of those two answers.

Instead her new boyfriend told her that he would be understanding especially because she had told him and that all he would ask of her is for her to tell him when she had a genital herpes outbreak.

So things went better than she thought they would.

She said a week or so later when he called to see if she was still on for going out that weekend, she told him yes and that she thought that night should be the first night they make love.

What did she do?

She created even more anticipation for him.

Well at that point she knew she was at the point of no return. She knew she had to have that conversation about sex and herpes with her new boyfriend.

So she went on to the 3rd phase of her plan.

That night they went out and at the end of the evening they went back to her place.

She took her boyfriend into the bedroom and told him to get comfortable and she went into her bathroom and got undressed and when she came out she was wearing an open untied silk robe.

She said her boyfriend couldn't wait and he got up and gave her a big kiss as he put his arms around her naked body and pulled her body against his.

She then told him she had something to tell him and for him to lay down on the bed.

Like it or not she was going to have that conversation with him about sex and herpes.

She disrobed so he could get a good look at her naked body leaving nothing to his imagination. She then open her end table draw and brought out her herpes medication and an unopened box of condoms.

At that point she began the conversation about sex and herpes with him.

She told him that the story about her girlfriend who had herpes was really about herself and she went on to tell him that she hasn't had an outbreak in almost a year since taking the herpes medication.

She told him she just wanted to be honest with him before they had sex and if he didn't want to that she would understand.

Now he had a few questions, but not many.

She told him that having sex with herpes was safe so long as they were careful. She also went on to tell him that they would have to be creative if they wanted to have sex when she was having a genital herpes outbreak.

I'll get into how you can be creative a little further down the page.

Needless to say that night was sexually exciting for both of them that evening.

She said this all happened more than a year ago and that they're both still together. She also went on to say she hasn't had another genital herpes outbreak since starting the herpes medication and that their sex life is still as exciting as it was that first night.

Now some of you may be thinking that she was pretty tricky in the way she went about having the sex and herpes conversation with her boyfriend.

But the bottom line is she told him she was infected with the genital herpes virus and she told him before she had sex with him

Now let's go over not telling your new sexual partner that you have the genital herpes virus.

First of all it's just not right dating with herpes and not having that sex and herpes conversation with that new special someone in your life.

You really should tell that new special someone that you've been infected with the genital herpes virus.

After all chances are you were infected with the genital herpes virus because someone didn't tell you they had it.

How did you feel when that happened to you?

Believe me you'll find yourself making up excuses as to why you don't want to have sex when you're having a genital herpes outbreak just to hide your outbreak and you're going to leave your sexual partner wondering what they did wrong.

Putting an unnecessary strain on your new relationship and it won't be long before he or she thinks you're mentally unstable if they don't know why you're hot one minute and cold the next.

And the worst case scenario is that you infect your new boyfriend or girlfriend with the genital herpes virus.

I can guarantee you this, even if they don't leave you for not being honest with them. They're never going to fully trust you again and they are going to blame you every time they have a genital herpes outbreak.

My opinion is you really need to talk about sex and herpes with whomever you're going to have sex with.

But the choice is yours to do what you want.

Now let's go over why genital herpes sex may very well be the most exciting sex you've ever had.

The truth is sex and herpes doesn't have to be scary when you know what to do and you take precautions.

The fact is if you suffer from the genital herpes virus you're going to have to get creative when it comes to having sex with herpes.

Especially if you and your partner want to have sex while you're having a HSV outbreak.

First let me start with the ladies who are suffering from vaginal herpes outbreaks and how they can spice their sex life up while they're having an HSV outbreak.

Ladies part of the excitement when having sex for many women is the feeling of being naughty and a little bit dirty and the genital herpes virus gives you a reason to be a little bit more of both.

For instance you might be the quiet and the reserved type of lady in the bedroom.

Try being a little more vocal or start talking dirty to your sexual partner, you'll be surprised how that one little change can spice things up in the bedroom.

So don't let sex and herpes slow you down.

Get creative!

Also go to your local adult store and buy a few sex toys such as a dildo or vibrator.

Just because your sex partner does feel comfortable having vaginal intercourse with you while you're having a HSV outbreak it doesn't mean your vagina can't be penetrated by the next best thing.

Plus a lot of men find it extremely exciting, especially if they're the one in control of that toy.

And while you're at the adult store pick up some body lotions and some flavored lubricants.

Get creative!

If you're having a vaginal herpes outbreaks and you enjoy oral sex, break out the lubricants and pour some on your vagina then take a piece of saran wrap and cover up your vagina while you have your sexual partner perform their duties.

Just don't forget to return the favor, because they won't be able to taste your juices that you know they love.

You can also put some of that tasty lubricant between your breasts and the cheeks of your behind and your man can have intercourse with you that way.

The nice thing about using lubricants is there is usually plenty of grinding going on between the two people. Leaving you both with plenty of time for a good make out session.

And what can be more fun than that?

Now if you really want to get wild you can let your man put some of that lubricant on his penis and your rectum and you could have some anal sex.

Now I know for a lot of you ladies just the thought of anal sex seems painful, but the truth is a majority of women who have anal sex say that they've had some of their biggest and strongest orgasms when having anal sex while rubbing their clitoris.

These are just a few ways how you can have sex with herpes while spicing your sex life up at the same time.


Sex and herpes can go together hand and hand when you know what to do.

So get creative! And relax!

Now for the men suffering from genital herpes outbreaks on their penis.

Let's face it gentlemen it's a little harder to get as creative sexually with you, after all women just have more sensitive areas on their body's than men do.

But that doesn't mean you still can't spice things up a bit while having a great time sexually.

Here's a good example of how sex and herpes can come together and be fun.

Your lady friend or sexual partner can put some lubricant on your erect penis after you put a condom on it and she or he can give you an erotic hand job while she or he talks dirty to you.

To spice it up even more have that special someone in your life bite your neck nibble on your ears and use their tongue on some of the more sensitive parts of your body.

I guarantee you this, if it's done correctly you will literally have a blast.

So once again, get creative!

Look! Sex and herpes and Dating with herpes doesn't have to be scary if you take precautions and you're honest with the person you're going to have sex with.

Now let me ask you a question.

Would having sex and herpes be easier to deal with if you didn't have any more outbreaks?

Of course it would be!

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