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Many people with herpes think, there's no cure or an effective treatment  program when it comes to eliminating their genital herpes outbreaks.

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 Herpecillin has no known side effects, unlike all the antiviral medications prescribed by the medical community which can all cause serious side effects.

Such as renal failure, which essentially means your kidneys have shut down.

This side effect alone can be deadly and if you take the time to look up which antiviral medications can cause such a serious side effect.

You will find that all three major antiviral medication brands ZOVIRAX, VALTREX and FAMVIR all have this on their label.

The makers of Herpecillin want all the people with herpes to know that not only do they have best all natural genital herpes treatment guaranteed to eliminate your genital herpes outbreak , they also want all the people with herpes to know that their product is safe to take and Herpecillin has no such side effect.

Let me tell why Herpecillin is so effective at eliminating genital herpes outbreaks and what's in it.

Lysine is a natural amino acid your body doesn't produce on its own, although you will obtain it naturally through your diet. Lysine has been scientifically proven to slow down and reduce the growth of the genital herpes virus in people with herpes. Lysine inhibits viral replication which stops the genital herpes virus from growing and multiplying.

Vitamin C is another ingredient which has been scientifically proven to promote and accelerate the healing process in skin and fight off infection in both men and women with herpes.

Bioflavanoids is a natural ingredient which helps the body absorb vitamin C. Bioflavanoids is also a powerful antioxidant which has been proven to strengthen the immune system in both men and women with herpes.

Zinc is another powerful natural ingredient proven to enhance the body's immune system response rate in both men and women with herpes which helps fight off and prevent skin infections.

Astragalus Root has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years and now it is being used to prevent genital herpes outbreaks in both men and women with herpes who from suffer multiple outbreaks.

Herpecillin is made with these 5 ingredients along with our own proprietary blend of other natural ingredients.

The main reason people with herpes have frequent HSV outbreaks is because they have a weak immune system, and the one thing all of these ingredients in Herpecillin have in common is.

Besides being extremely effective at com-batting the genital herpes virus, all of these ingredients are proven to strengthen the human body's immune system.

Essentially Herpecillin will prevent  all the people with herpes from having another HSV outbreak before it even occurs as long as they continue to take our amazing all natural herpes supplements.

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