Herpecillin Reviews And Herpecillin Customer Testimonials. See For Yourself What They Have To Say.

Here are some of our Herpecillin reviews and some of our Herpecillin customer testimonials we received from a few of our clients after they took advantage of our free trial offer.

Do to the nature of the genital herpes virus we hope you understand why these Herpecillin reviews and Herpecillin customer testimonials don't include a last name or the area of which these people live.

Also some of the people who sent in a video may stutter or get caught up on their words and the reason for that is because they're real people not paid actors.

The genital herpes virus isn't an easy topic to speak about for most people who suffer from it.

So from all of us here at the Herpecillin company we'd like to say thank you to everyone of you who sent us in your testimonial.

We're happy to hear that our product has made such a positive impact in all your lives and our promise to all of you who use our product on a daily basis is we will always continue to make Herpecillin better any chance we get.


I'm writing this for all of you who might be thinking the people at Herpecillin are just looking to take your money. I've had vaginal herpes for a few years now and about 10 months ago I ordered Herpecillin, for the 1st month everything went fine I had no outbreak of any kind. Then about 3 weeks into my next order I had a small outbreak and I was pissed. So just like their guarantee said I sent them an email and I sent it back. I figured I was scammed and I would never see my money again, but much to my surprise I received an email back from them apologizing to me about my outbreak and I was told that depending on the person it could take 30 to 60 days for their product to be fully absorbed by my body for it to really do its thing, but they refunded my money that day. A few days later I received a package and when I opened it, what they sent back was the remaining order of Herpecillin that I sent back to them along with another 30 day supply of their product with a letter saying please continue to take our product and if you have another outbreak please email us and we will even refund you for the order we sent you for free. The first thing I did was check my credit card to see if they charged this so called free order to me. They didn't so I continued to take the Herpecillin supplements and just like they said i didn't have another outbreak. So I re-ordered using the automatic 30 day shipping because of the free shipping that came along with it, and I haven't had another outbreak since and it's been more than 10 months. I just thought I owed them this letter because of how nice they were to me. It is by far the best herpes product I have ever taken and for the first year with herpes I've tried everything I could get my hands on. This one really works. Thanks Herpecillin and thanks James for the free order and convincing me to continue to take your product.

Rosie R. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I've had herpes for the last couple of years and when I say I've had herpes I mean I've had it bad. Not only did an old girlfriend who cheated on me give me genital herpes I also got them on my lips. For the last 2 years it seems as if they never went away. What I mean by that is when my lips cleared up within a day or two I would start having an outbreak down there. Now I'm a good looking guy who's never had a problem meeting women, but it got to the point that I had to grow a thick mustache and beard to try and hide the outbreaks on my lips. It was just so humiliating and embarrassing between the customers at my job staring at my face and my buddies always poking fun at me after they had a few drinks when we went out. Not to mention my sex life went from a 10 to a minus zero. Now I've tried more products than I'd care to say so I really didn't expect much from Herpecillin but I figured with the free trial offer what did I have to lose. Now I've been taking the Herpecillin supplements every morning now for about 6 months and I'm yet to have an outbreak. Your product has made me feel like me again. I've lost the beard and mustache and I've been dating my new girlfriend for the last 2 months and my sex life is back on track again. One of my buddies who use to make fun of me got the herpes virus from some girl he met at a bar. I think I'll let him suffer a little bit before I tell him what my secret weapon is. All I can say is THANK YOU & GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AT THE HERPECILLIN COMPANY. you've given me back my life. After all your company has done for me I figured I add my story to the rest of the Herpecillin reviews. Thank you again.

ERIC _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

Let me tell you what some of the Herpecillin benefits are. First you don't get that irritating feeling a few days before you have a herpes outbreak. You don't have to wear baggy clothes hoping you won't rupture any of the blisters growing down in your private area which tend to burst on their own no matter what you do. You don't have to try and dry your sores out anymore with crazy things bleach or baby powder. No more soaking in the tub. You don't have to do any of those things and you know why? Because herpecillin works. The last outbreak I had was 4 days after I started herpecillin and that was more than 7 months ago. This stuff is amazing. I simply take it once a day with my other vitamins and that's it. Whoever came up with this stuff all I can say is thank you. Do me a favor guys and don't go out of business. Hey do I get a months suppy for having one of the best herpecillin reviews? Only kidding. Keep up the good work.

Danny _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

My ex-boyfriend left me with a parting gift "HERPES". After a year of dealing with this problem on my own and not talking to anyone about it. I met my new boyfriend and he's a great guy. So I told him, at first he was worried about catching it from me and I was real careful not to have sex with him anytime I'd get that feeling right before I'd have an outbreak and I'd wait until I knew it was gone. We're both in our late 20's and sex is a big part of the way we show our love to each other. The only problem was I didn't want to keep telling him I had another outbreak. I didn't want to lose him which I almost did. I would find myself coming up with excuses as to why we couldn't have sex. I even found myself arguing with him for no reason just so he wouldn't want to have sex with me or know I had another outbreak. It really put a strain on our relationship. He thought I was a crazy person loving him 1 minute and pushing him away the next minute and I was afraid of losing him. Then I found Herpecillin online in November it had a trial offer so I gave it a shot. I like that it was all natural because I'm allergic to a lot of things, anyway it works I mean it really works. I thought I'd add my experience to the rest of the Herpecillin reviews just in case there are any other ladies out there who might find themselves in the same position I was in. The good news is I haven't had another outbreak our sex life is fantastic and my boyfriend and I are engaged to be married.

Michelle _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

I wanted to add my story to your herpecillin reviews. I'm a male stripper and part of my tips are the ladies I get to take home at the end of my shift. Anyway I got herpes from one of the tips I took home one night. The next thing I knew I had these bubbles growing on my money maker so I could no longer dance on stage. Lucky for me one of the other dancers was already taking your product. So I ordered it online I haven't had another outbreak. The money and the tips are flowing in like the old days. Thanks you guys are the bomb!

Jonny Long Tool _________________________________________________________________

Please put this on your herpecillin reviews page. I'm 50 years old recently divorced and wouldn't you know it the first woman I slept with gave me herpes. I ran into your product online and I bought. I don't know how some people can live with this virus for years not doing anything about it. I mean I only had 2 outbreaks and I couldn't deal with it. I'm sure there's a lot of companies out there selling snake oil I'm just glad I ran into your product. It's only been 3 months but I haven't had an itch or an outbreak. Thank you! Again please add my story to your herpecillin reviews so other people out there will know your product works.

Hector _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

I'm sure my story's going to make it to the top of your Herpecillin reviews page. Your product is the best. I only wish I could personally tell people about it, but I can't. Last year I had to cancel a red carpet event because of an outbreak I had on my upper lip and in my business time is certainly money. I have to be there for that next shoot or to walk the red carpet or to go on stage and sing that next song, because if you're not there the big wigs signing your paycheck want to know why? Plus with having the paparazzi following your every move you have to watch what you do and always and I mean always look your best. This is hard to do when you have a big herpes sore on your lip. Anyway to make a long story short I contracted the herpes virus from one of our nations favorite ball players (Ladies Stay Away From Those Athletes)you never know what they have. In my case it was the herpes virus. In my business things get a little hot and heavy from time to time with the other celebrities you meet. We've always had a professional courtesy for one another, but I'll tell you this younger group coming up today certainly don't play by the rules. So ladies do yourself a favor and always use protection no matter who the person is and if you're unfortunate enough to contract the herpes virus like I did do yourself a favor and get yourself some Herpecillin. Not only does it work but they'll ship it to anyplace you'd like under any name that you choose. I have yet to cancel an engagement for any event because of a herpes outbreak. Now my story better make it on to your herpecillin reviews page. Thanks for saving that famous ass of mine.

Hugs & kisses from your favorite Latina _________________________________________________________________

Please add my experience to your herpecillin reviews page. I've think I'm one of the first people whoever took Herpecillin. Back then it didn't even come in bottles they came in little zip locked baggies with a label on it. You guys have come a long way, but your product still works great. I think I may have had an outbreak a year and a half ago or so I got that irritating feeling but I never broke out with anything. I'll never buy another herpes product. Just don't jack the price up on us. Thanks again and I hope this makes it to your Herpecillin reviews page since I've been one of your first and most loyal customers

James _________________________________________________________________

Please forward this to your herpecillin reviews page. I just want to say thanks for the free trial offer I've been taking your product for over a year now and I must say this is the best natural herpes cure on the market. I haven't had another outbreak since taking your product. Knock on wood. Thanks again.

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